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My name is Jessica and I am the mama behind Baby Jumpie Store. I am a self confessed monochrome-aholic and Instagram shopper.

While I was pregnant with Baby Jumpie (now my baby boy Jaxon), I created an Instagram account to document my pregnancy and transition to motherhood. I also shared a lot of my purchases as well as my ‘shopping list’ for the future, which always consisted of monochrome items from local businesses. I noticed a lot of new mamas were discovering many of these products through my posts and as time went on, I realised that all these products should be easily accessible from one place… and that’s how Baby Jumpie Store was born.

My background is in Interior Design and I have also dabbled in product design (furniture and homewares), so my initial thought was to create a baby brand. As I had discovered so many amazing products, I realised there was no point in recreating something that already exists, but rather showcase and support other Aussie businesses, most of which (if not all) are run by mamas. However, I noticed there was a gap in the market when I was trying to find a minimalist, black and white pacifier. I couldn't find one, so I put my design hat on and the first product of Baby Jumpie Collection was created.

Our range will continue to grow and develop as seasons change and more wonderful local products are discovered. Keep checking in for all the latest products, which will always be monochrome, Australian and stylish.